About Chaordix

Founded in Calgary, Canada in 2011, Chaordix was created to help enterprise brands activate and empower their customers. A decade on and we have built the ultimate community platform, allowing brands of all sizes to build valuable relationships with their customers.

The Calgary city skyline under a pink and purple sky

Our values

Chaordix builds the best parts of the internet, and that hefty responsibility requires a values-driven approach. We operate by the following values, and work with brands who align with the same.

  • Exceptional

    From the services we deliver, to the tools we build, to the people on our team, we are the cream of the crop.

  • Honourable

    We are genuine, friendly folks and we operate with integrity, respect and kindness.

  • Curious

    We ask questions, learn quickly, and embrace change.

  • Bold

    We are brave and innovative, leading the community industry into the future with determination.

Our platform

Our Community Platform hosts millions of members across communities whose topics range from healthcare to sporting goods, from paint to blocks, and from high tech to higher education. We are constantly improving our platform and release new features and optimizations every 4 weeks or so.

A laptop displaying the Creator's Studio community built on the Chaordix Community Platform

Our team

We take our time when it comes to growing our team. The Chaordix team is stacked with some of the smartest, kindest and most driven humans in the software world, and we strive to create a work environment that allows them to do the work of their careers.

  • Exceptional talent

    We look for really good humans who are extraordinarily good at their craft.

  • Vision

    We have a clear picture of the future and the power community can have.

  • Autonomy

    While we are headquartered in Calgary, the team is semi-remote and spread across North America and Europe. Talent + vision = no micromanagement required.

A man and woman dress business-casual smiling at each other while working collaboratively at a shared desk

We want to be a part of your brand’s best chapter yet.

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