Dremel Boosts Customer Engagement Bringing Makers Together

An iPhone displaying Dremel's Maker Studio surrounded by various tools

Dremel is a well-known brand among makers, creators, and hobbyists alike, best known for its high-quality tools and humble beginnings. Dremel prides itself on being a user-centric brand with midwestern hospitality and charm, but it wasn’t until the launch of Maker Studio that they were truly able to focus on their end-users. 

Launched in Spring 2019, Dremel’s Maker Studio gained 200 members in less than 24 hours and quickly became a go-to spot for builders and artists to connect, share, and make together. 

The Challenge

Being sold through third-party retailers, Dremel lacked a true connection with their end-users and was missing out on a significant amount of value because of it. Dremel was looking for a tool that would allow them to better engage and with their customers and help them tackle business objectives along the way.

Dremel needed a tool that was comprehensive enough to support product co-creation and allow them to gain timely feedback and insights, but accessible enough that they were able to build brand loyalty and awareness. While the main objective remained to foster customer engagement, Dremel also hoped to capture lifetime customer value, access user-generated content, promote customer education and inspiration, and increase trend awareness and insights into product hacks. 

The Solution

Maker Studio. A community for Dremel enthusiasts and makers to be inspired, share their projects with others, and help shape the future of Dremel. Maker Studio gives Dremel direct access to their customers on an ongoing basis and helps foster greater connection and engagement between the brand and their users.

A Mac laptop with the screen showing Maker Studio.

The Result

Since launching in 2019, Maker Studio has grown to over 4,000 members (makers). In just this last year, Maker Studio has gained 1,500 new members, 16,000 logins, and received over 7,000 submissions on different community activities.

Maker Studio has become a branch between Dremel and their most loyal customers and has helped connect passionate makers with each other and the products they love.

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