KPMG Captures more Value with Employee Communities

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It’s a commonly known fact that two-thirds of business deals fail to deliver any real value. That’s why KPMG is taking a different approach to deal generation - one that puts employees at the center and focuses on employee engagement. 

The Challenge

When organizations undergo significant changes, whether that be a merger and acquisition or divestiture,  there are serious challenges that the business faces. Organizations risk a lack of employee motivation, losing their best and brightest talent to competitors, and creating a toxic or unstable corporate culture.

KPMG was searching for a better way to support businesses and their employees through these substantial changes and times of uncertainty and wanted to ensure employees remained informed and engaged. 

The Solution

A dynamic and flexible platform that can be tailored to different businesses' needs and objectives. 

KPMG partnered with Chaordix to leverage the power of community as a way to support monumental organizational change. Employees were provided with an online space that acted as a source of truth and limits the risk of rumours or misinformation being spread. Employees can easily access content and resources that help them navigate these changes and allow the organization to have an open space for people to ask questions. Instead of making assumptions about what these transitions are like for employees, they can tap into the community for insights and feedback or see what topics of discussion are the most popular. This certainty enables organizations to make better-informed business decisions and limit the amount of lost value. 

Additionally, organizations can use the community to create purposeful activities and run pulse surveys that serve as intermittent employee check-ins. Being able to gauge general feelings and attitudes means being able to better understand and prioritize what employees need, rather than guessing, and create and share content that addresses these concerns.

The Result

In the absence of a comprehensive community tool, organizations would have to rely on inefficient processes, email blasts, and limited HR departments to spread information and ‘support’ employees through these changes. 

Using a community platform for employee engagement allows companies to reduce churn, generate more value, reduce duplication of communication, limit uncertainty and angst among employees, and aids in seamless transitions between institutions.

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