LEGO Co-creates Crowd Favorites on a Global Scale

A LEGO treehouse playset on a wooden surface

Since its inception, LEGO has embodied the values and virtues of creativity and innovation. In 2012, the legendary toy brand approached Chaordix to power its global innovation community. LEGO Ideas brings together passionate fans and creators from around the world to imagine, create, and evaluate ideas for new LEGO kits. 

Fast forward a few years and the community has skyrocketed to over 1.8 million members who have submitted over 36,000 new kit concepts. LEGO has taken 36 community co-created kits to market, with most selling out quickly due to the built-in demand from the community members and because the sets had the benefit of being pre-vetted for market interest by community members.

From the iconic Beatles’ Yellow Submarine to the beloved FRIENDS Central Perk, LEGO Ideas provides a text-book example of effective customer co-creation, and proves how powerful an engaged community can be.

A mAc laptop displaying the home screen of LEGO Ideas

The Challenge

LEGO fans are as loyal and creative as they come. Looking to engage this global fan-base to co-create new products, shorten time to market, and generate product demand, LEGO sought a solution that would enable true customer innovation and co-creation. This tool needed to be easy to use for fans of all ages and put the crowd to work in narrowing down thousands of ideas to select the best.

Extremely successful from a financial perspective. Basically, we can shorten our product development cycle down from two years to about six months.

Stiven Kerestegian - Innovation & Direction Design Lead

The Solution 

LEGO Ideas. The goal was to create a platform where anyone could create and upload a new LEGO kit design. Any idea that receives 10,000 ‘supports’ in 12 months is reviewed by LEGO’s production and legal team for feasibility. Each year, several kit ideas are selected and taken to market.

The Result

LEGO Ideas has reduced the time to market for new LEGO kits from 2 years to 6 months. In just under 10 years, 36 new LEGO kits have been developed from the Ideas community. All were best sellers, with 90% selling out in their first release. Due to such high levels of demand, LEGO has even begun re-releasing popular sets that did not get made the first time they reached the 10K threshold, which is something they have rarely done in the past.

Through the community, LEGO has been able to increase the number of SKUs and actively uses LEGO Ideas as a generator of ideas beyond just the 10K hits to get a pulse on the community and what the most active and innovative fan designers are building. The community has become a major source for media and press attention and superfans and designers have helped contribute to building the hype.

LEGO Ideas has become a hub for innovation and serves as a primary resource for marketing activities. As members of the community share their own ideas and vote on submissions from others, not only are they creating new LEGO sets that end up on shelves, they’re creating content that can be used across LEGO’s social channels and other marketing campaigns, and helping LEGO make better decisions about what kinds of product lines to invest in.

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