Projekt202 Runs Rapid Insights and Testing with Marketing Pros

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Projekt202 specializes in customer and user experiences. They provide brands with the strategies and resources they need to better understand their customers’ and user’s wants and needs. Having a greater understanding of your customers, allows you to deliver a better user experience.

Open Market turned to Projekt202 for support to help validate ideas and concepts they had been working on for their end-users. And Projekt202 turned to Chaordix to host what would become a research community for rapid testing and insights. 

The Challenge

Projekt202 needed a way to run rapid testing in order to deliver the insights and results Open Market expected and to support their overall research goals. Their objective was to build a community of marketing professionals that they could leverage for insights on new concepts and branding ideas. 

The biggest challenge was ensuring that the right people were participating.

The Solution

Projekt202 partnered with Chaordix to develop and launch a research community that presented members with different ideas to discuss and vote on. Through a diverse set of surveys and other activities, Projekt202 used the Chaordix Community Platform to perform advanced UX/UI, product and market research, while also being able to rapidly test concepts and gain in-depth insights. 

In order to design an effective user experience, like Open Market aimed to do, you need feedback from your target audience. It can be challenging to find the right people to provide this sort of high-level and relevant feedback. Projekt202 had the opportunity to run super-specialized and rapid testing as they were able to control and manage who joined and participated in the community. In this case, marketing professionals. 

The Result

This research community offered Projekt202 and Open Market faster research turnaround times when compared to traditional research methods like forums and focus groups. It also allowed them to segment members to gain deeper insights on specific topics and activities. 

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