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  • An Intuitive Interface

    With participation rates of 20 - 40%, the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Powerful Tools for Engagement

    Activate your members to drive real business value.

  • The Admin Features You Need

    Reports, dashboards, moderation, program planning. It’s all here. And more.

A stylized version of Chaordix's discussion

Engaging Things To Do

Launch a challenge, start a discussion, poll the community, get people sharing videos, quiz the superusers. Limits are for other platforms.

  • Polls & Quizzes

    Get feedback with one tap, or launch fun quizzes to test the smarts of your members.

  • Activities & Discussions

    Members can participate in organized discussion, fun activities, and valuable surveys.

  • Challenges

    Launch exciting multi-phase creative challenges to drive engagement, innovation or UGC.

A stylized version of Chaordix's product feed

A Unified Feed

Everything comes together in an engaging feed that streamlines adoption by building on established user patterns.

  • Things To Do

    Users immediately see engaging things they can participate in.

  • Things Other Members Have Done

    Community participation inspires conversation and activity.

  • Communications from the Brand

    Share videos, articles, images, and livestream to your community.

What will you use your community for?

Use a Chaordix community to connect with your customers, and use that connection to improve everything you do.

A illustration of the segmentation features

Powerful Segmentation

Custom and smart segmentation allows administrators to serve the right content and activities to the right segments of their community.

  • Total Segmentation Control

    Build custom segments or set criteria and let the system build the segments for you.

  • Customized Content by Segment

    Target content by segment, and serve up specific things to do for certain segments.

  • Filter & Report by Segments

    Filter reports and live analytics dashboards by segments to understand various subsets of your community.

A stylized version of Chaordix's profile

Member Directory & Rich User Profiles

Members can customize beautiful profiles, see the contributions of other members, follow each other, and save content for later.

A stylized version of Chaordix's research & testing features

Research & Testing Tools

Powerful research and insights tools allow brands to launch surveys and polls, test products or services, and get feedback on creative.

  • Surveys

    Make surveys fun and visual or complex, logic-based, and multi-page.

  • Polls

    Use Twitter-style polls to quickly gather opinions from members.

  • A/B Testing

    Run A/B tests with your audience or subsets of your community.

A stylized version of Chaordix's discussions


Create structured discussions using topics and subtopics, and pin high value conversations within them.

A stylized version of Chaordix's communications


Bring new individuals into the community, keep them updated, and craft beautiful newsletters, all from the admin portal. Oh, and you can measure it all.

  • Newsletters

    Build beautiful newsletters to send to your community, or import your own.

  • Notifications

    Send email and push notifications to keep members updated on new activity.

  • Invitations

    Use email sequences to invite individuals to join the community.

A stylized version of Chaordix's ideation


Unique challenge tools and idea submission flows allow communities to drive crowdsourced innovation, customer co-creation, and internal innovation.

  • Idea Submission

    Use a tested submission flow as an always-open source for great ideas.

  • Innovation Challenges

    Serve your members structured innovation challenges to solve specific problems.

  • Crowd Voting

    Allow community members to vet ideas by voting or supporting the best ones.

A stylized version of Chaordix's reporting


A suite of pre-built reports and live dashboards allow you to easily do analysis, find insights, and pull data from the community for your teams.

  • 25+ Pre-built Reports

    Pick the perfect report, set your parameters, and download a tabbed excel doc, ready for use.

  • Live Results Dashboards

    See responses to activities and challenges as they come in with our visual dashboards.

  • Community Health

    Keep a pulse on KPIs like member growth and avg. logins per user with the health dashboard.

  • 1.8M+
    Chaordix communities scale from hundreds to millions of members.
  • 83%
    Customers have an improved perception of the brand.
  • 73%
    Customers buy more products than before joining a community.

A stylized version of Chaordix's planning


Ditch the excel docs and plan community programs right in our Program Calendar. Create objectives, schedule content and activities, check in on progress, and report on programs.

A stylized version of Chaordix's gamification


Configure your gamification approach using a virtual currency and customizable badges. Nurture and reward the most valuable activity in your community.

  • Virtual Currency

    Decide what to call your currency, and how members earn it.

  • Badges

    Customize badges that members are awarded based on participation.

  • Rewards

    Easily export lists of members who qualify for rewards, along with their shipping info.

Solutions built for your brand’s future

Used by some of the largest global brands, our software is ready for any enterprise.

  • Mobile

    With responsive technology, you can engage members where they are. No download required.

  • Scalable

    Capable of supporting communities with a few hundred participants, or a few million. And of course everything in between.

  • White Label

    Use your logos, colours, videos, images and voice to guarantee the community looks and feels like your brand.

  • Secure

    Our software exceeds the security requirements of the largest global enterprises.

  • Versatile

    Applied across multiple industries from consumer goods to education to transportation.

  • Flexible

    Virtual private cloud storage is available for organizations with demanding requirements.

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