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Community is the glue that connects customers to the brands they love. Build a central home for your customer engagement activities.

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What engagement looks like

Host a thriving community of customers on a community platform that is as aesthetically appealing as it is functional.

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  • White-label & Best-in-class

    Use your domain, your colours, your logo, your imagery, your voice, and our vigorously tested interface.

  • Contests, Activities & Discussions

    Drive engagement and participation by launching challenges, activities, discussions, quizzes, polls and more.

  • Robust Communications

    Bring people into the community and re-engage members with invites, notifications, DMs, emails and newsletters.

Give social a purpose

For years, brands have ‘rented’ space on mainstream social media platforms. Chaordix allows global brands to own the customer experience using a branded social network that brings their customers and users together, creating an always-on connection between the organization and the people who matter most.

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LEGO Co-creates Crowd Favorites on a Global Scale

From the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine to Friends Central Perk, LEGO Ideas provides a textbook example of what peak customer engagement looks like.

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  • 1.8M+
    Chaordix communities scale from hundreds to millions of members.
  • 83%
    Customers have an improved perception of the brand.
  • 73%
    Customers buy more products than before joining a community.


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This isn’t our first rodeo.

Our community experts have written the book (literally) on how to launch, grow, and run vibrant communities.

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Learn how you can do engagement differently. And better. Definitely better.

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