Engage, inspire, and innovate with your employees

Give your workforce a dedicated online space to focus on change, engagement and innovation. Co-create tomorrow, without getting bogged down in the tasks of today.

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A home for real change

Host a focussed community for innovation challenges, engagement programs, and culture change initiatives.

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  • Enterprise-ready

    Feel confident in your community with enterprise-grade security and reliability, as well as SSO integration.

  • Guide Participation

    Solve for specific business objectives by launching surveys, challenges, activities, discussions, quizzes, polls and more.

  • Segment by Groups

    Specify the department or group for your community programs, so the right people see and participate in the right content and activities.

  • Central Communication

    Give leadership a singular communication channel where they can unite teams around shared objectives and answer questions.

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KPMG Captures more Value with Employee Communities

There are few circumstances more sensitive than a major M&A deal. KPMG uses our platform to support the human side of each deal.

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Interaction, not intranet

Often, large organizations utilize clunky intranets as the connection point for their staff. Or else they have something like Teams or Slack, a busy IM tool. Our Community Platform is neither of these things. Instead, it is a dedicated online social space with a specific purpose and the tools a brand needs to achieve their objectives.

  • 10K+
    Used by organizations from a few hundred employees to thousands.
  • 99%
    Widely utilized by team members at all levels, with near unanimous pickup rate.
  • 95%
    Community approach has lead to positive sentiment for 95% of members.


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‘These folks know what they’re doing.’ - our clients

Our community experts are here to help you plan, build and grow your community into a powerful human capital secret weapon.

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People will refer to the past as BC (Before Community)

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Thoughts on internal communities

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