Innovate with the people who actually use your products

Use a branded community to co-create with your customers or members.

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Make more hits than Simon and/or Garfunkel

Tap into the creativity of your customers and fans to invent or improve products and services. Launch a branded co-creation community and guarantee demand before your next product goes live or hits shelves.

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  • Challenges

    Launch creative challenges to guide ideation and solve specific problems, or allow members to submit general ideas.

  • Voting & Supports

    Members can vote for their favourite ideas from challenges, or support the ideas that they are most excited about.

  • Engagement Feed

    Our intuitive social interface brings ideas to the surface so people can support the best or be inspired to share their own ideas.

  • Comments & Discussions

    Give members the power to comment on submissions, or participate in topical conversations to inform your products.

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LEGO Co-creates Crowd Favorites on a Global Scale

LEGO uses Chaordix to host their Ideas community, home to 1.7M+ fans who invent new products that the company turns into sell-out hits.

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Co-creation beats guesswork

Customer-centric brands know the best ideas come from the folks who use their products. Chaordix allows organizations to bring their customers together in branded co-creation communities where they can contribute ideas, support the best submissions, and provide feedback.

  • 30K+
    Find the best in tens of thousands of ideas
  • 300%
    Launch products up to 3x faster
  • 80%
    Reduction in market research costs


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Work with our world-class
services team

These people are essentially exploding with community and co-creation knowledge. One of them even has a PhD in the topic.

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Need a better mousetrap? Ask the mice.

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