Marketing’s biggest advancement since... well, maybe ever

Launch a private social network for your brand so you can make better decisions, build loyalty, and increase revenues. The future of marketing will be community-centric.

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Forget what it was like before

Host a thriving community of customers on a community platform that elevates your brand and empowers your teams to test creative, validate personas, make better decisions, gather UGC, and improve LTCV.

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  • White-label & Best-in-class

    Use your domain, your colours, your logo, your imagery, your voice, and our vigorously tested interface.

  • Contests, Activities & Discussions

    Guide participation by launching challenges, activities, surveys, discussions, polls and more.

  • Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

    Own your data. All your data. 25+ pre-built reports and live analytics & dashboards make insights easy.

  • Rich Member Profiles

    Enhance your understanding of your customers with ever-expanding customer profiles, built with first-party data you own.

Maximize customer value

Customers are more than just dollar signs. They help marketers make better decisions, produce content, and support other customers. Chaordix allows global brands to maximize the value of their customer base. Using our Community Platform, brands launch social networks that bring their customers and users together, creating an always-on connection between the organization and the people who matter most.

A LEGO treehouse playset on a wooden surface

LEGO Co-creates Crowd Favorites on a Global Scale

LEGO Ideas is home to 1.8+ million diehard fans who create new sets, participate in challenges, provide insights, and submit UGC for LEGO's social channels.

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An iPhone displaying Dremel's Maker Studio surrounded by various tools

Dremel Boosts Customer Engagement Bringing Makers Together

Dremel’s Maker Studio allows the tool maker to build relationships with their customers, inspiring them with a stream of things to do & things other makers have done.

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  • 1.8M+
    Chaordix communities scale from hundreds to millions of members.
  • 80%
    Reduction in market research costs.
  • 73%
    Customers buy more products than before joining a community.


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You’ll wish all your tools came with our specialists

Our awesome community specialists are here to help you plan, build and grow your community into a vibrant gathering place.

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Launch your community now and be a leader, or be a follower a year from now. Your call.

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