Challenges 101: How We Drive Innovation + Engagement

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by Kennedy Lukey

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Online communities give your brand the power to drive participation, engage customers and gather meaningful ideas for important business decisions. Our Community Platform offers a variety of ways for members to participate, maximizing both innovation and engagement. One of the ways members can participate is through Challenges.

Challenges allow you to create fun and interesting multi-stage experiences for your community members, boosting engagement and supercharging innovation and creativity. This article takes a closer look at what Challenges are and how they can create value for your brand.

What are Challenges?

Brands can use the Challenge functionality to gather ideas, review submissions, and encourage other members to share their own feedback and opinions. Challenges allow members to participate directly through individual submissions and indirectly by commenting and voting on submissions from others.

Rust-Oleum’s Creator’s Studio is filled with creative Challenges. Their recent Bathroom Makeover Challenge gave Rust-Oleum the opportunity to introduce a new product to their customers and understand the different ways this product would be used. This allowed them to be proactive and prepare supporting materials like videos and blogs tailored to each product use.

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Next, let’s dig into all of the pieces that make up Challenges on the Chaordix Community Platform.

How Challenges Work: 

In contrast with Activities in our platform, Challenges have special configuration options that give Administrators a huge amount of control over the experience they are building for their members so they can maximize value for both community members and the business.

  • Create a brief: Design a Challenge with your business objective in mind, like inventing a new product, building something awesome, or producing entertaining content.
  • Select phases: The only two phases you have to have are a submission phase and a winner announcement. Your Challenge could also involve a crowd vote, an expert review and an idea update phase, or some combination of these three.
  • Share it with the right members: Challenges can be shared with the entire community, or specific groups, depending on the objective of the Challenge.
  • Gather submissions: Administrators then gather submissions from community members.
  • Members help fine-tune submissions: Community members can comment, like, provide feedback and vote on their favourite submissions.
  • Gather votes, review ideas: Administrators gather and review votes and ideas.
  • Award winners: Lastly, winners are awarded! 
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The Challenge functionality is designed to give you control, add value, and encourage member participation.

How Challenges Add Value

As a community owner, you’re able to build custom Challenges designed to help meet real-world business objectives. Whether there’s a problem to solve, an issue to overcome, or insights you’re hoping to gain, Challenges can be tailored to achieve just that. Challenges are an opportunity for your brand to involve your customers (and biggest fans) to help you solve business problems by co-creating solutions that you may have never thought of.

There are four key ways Challenges add value: 

1. Product Innovation: Nobody knows your products better than your brand’s biggest fans and most loyal customers. Challenges allow brands to involve their most knowledgeable user groups to help design new products and give their ‘expert’ opinions.

2. Introduce a New Product: Launching and communicating a new product through Challenges allows brands to engage members in creative ways. Rust-oleum did this with their Bathroom Makeover Challenge by asking members to try a new product and share their creations with the community for a chance to win a prize.

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3. Member-generated Content: Challenges can be used to gather exciting and interesting member-generated content that can be used in commercials, like Rust-oleum did last year, or across other brand channels.
4. Creative Engagement & Fun: Beyond the different ways Challenges can directly help your brand, they also offer your customers a fun way to participate. In order to maintain a healthy community, you have to ensure that members are engaging with content they enjoy and get value out of. The ability to award winners also provides an element of competition, which not only raises the quality of submissions, but encourages members to participate directly and indirectly.

How is Chaordix Different?

Chaordix is different because the fun, engaging multi-phase Challenges that brands launch in communities built on our platform are unique across community platforms. Social communities are often simple in that they facilitate discussion and image or video sharing. Chaordix adds a layer by allowing brands to give members fun things to do. Challenges are the pinnacle of 'fun things to do.' While some other community platforms allow members to submit ideas into black boxes, we allow brands to launch multi-phase, dynamic Challenges that involve community members in creative problem-solving.

Ready for a Challenge?

Sometimes the best solution to a business challenge is to launch a creative Challenge that your members can solve. We take community to the next level by giving members interesting and fun things to do, things that can support your business objectives. Challenges are the most powerful and engaging thing you can launch and they can be used to co-create with your biggest fans, allowing you to unlock valuable ideas from your most involved customers. So stop settling for discussions and put your community's incredible energy and brainpower to work with Challenges.

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