How an Engagement Community Supports Internal Teams During Times of Change

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by Chad Neufeld

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Platitude alert: The only constant is change.

In business, change could come in the form of a big merger, raised consumer expectations, layoffs, or the release of a competing product. Any of these triggers are likely to breed stress and uncertainty within a workforce.

If you are a part of a large organization experiencing a great deal of change, whether internally or externally, it’s probably safe to assume you or your teammates feel hesitant to share thoughts and feedback with management. Does your organization have tools in place to make employees feel safe and valued, and provide them with a means to share ideas and comments?

Corporations can be guilty of neglecting customer feedback and ideas, but so often organizations also ignore the creativity that exists internally. Especially during turbulent times, it’s critical for organizations to look internally for strength, feedback, and ideas.

Change Causes Uncertainty

External and internal change can cause stress and uncertainty among teams, and when these teams are spread across the globe, these feelings are exacerbated by fractured communication channels. The result is frequently a lack of engagement and participation in driving organizational improvements.

One tool used by brands to combat uncertainty and fragmentation in their workforce is an online community engagement platform.

What is a Community Engagement Platform?

A community engagement platform is a place for employees and internal stakeholders where they are provided with important information, given the tools they need to do their jobs, and tasked with solving innovation challenges together with their colleagues. This might mean that individuals or teams are asked to identify new uses for existing products, improvements to current processes, or new markets to address with new products.

These community platforms can be breeding grounds for innovative ideas, but more importantly, they are a means to boost workforce engagement and retention.

According to Gallup, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. Engaged employees get more work done, are more proactive, and are less likely to leave a job for a new opportunity. Organizations that bring employees together on a platform that allows them to learn from one another, participate in discussions, and solve problems together are more likely to see improvements in employee engagement.

How a Community Engagement Platform Differs From an Intranet

Many organizations use an internal communications tool or an information portal to address employee engagement as well as to broadcast messages to staff, provide document access, or check HR information. It’s often built for desktop, and has limited communications and reporting functionality.

A healthy community, especially one built on our Participation Platform, can handle these simple tasks, but more importantly, it’s designed for modern, mobile workforces. Modern communities know they are competing with a thousand distractions, and are filled with engaging, fun content. They include gamification, to keep people coming back, and they are device agnostic - employees on the train have just as much functionality at their fingertips as someone in front of a monitor.

Engage Your Workforce, Impress Your Customers

Employee engagement means internal improvements, and it also means an improved customer experience (CX). Engaged employees are more likely to take initiative and find solutions for customers. According to Temkin Group, companies that have significantly better CX than their competitors have 60% more engaged employees. Conversely, disengaged employees are likely to do the bare minimum for customers. This can lead to a loss of sales revenue and reduced customer retention. 70% of UK customers will not forgive a business for a bad customer experience.

If you’re looking for a way to boost engagement within your workforce, we recommend launching a community platform. It should include exciting content and creative challenges that are built to accomplish business objectives, and it should have robust technical functionality. Luckily, we know where you can find expert guidance on programming, and a platform that is second to none.

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