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by Judy Garvey

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We like to think we do things a bit differently here at Chaordix. We’re here for a good time, AND a long time. We help solve your immediate business challenges, as well as those of next year. We do this through the power of engaged community members who are ready to contribute their ideas and feedback today, as well as over the months and years ahead.

Community participation is critical to achieving smart innovation and an exceptional customer experience. It greatly enhances a brand’s ability to collect much-needed insights and ideas in both the short term and the long term. You need your customers, fans and stakeholders to want to play a role, and to keep coming back over and over again.

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So Why Should They? 

What will act as the magnet to bring people back to your co-creative community to participate and help you solve challenges? What magical force will keep you top of mind in the sea of entertainment and information we are all inundated by? The answer is programming.

What Does 'Programming' Mean?

When we say programming, we do NOT mean lines of code, databases and javascript. We mean programming like a television channel or a local theatre. Your community needs entertaining content, exclusives, interesting activities, and thought-provoking Creative Challenges. Members need a variety of new things to do every time they return to your online branded community.

Great programming is the difference between an online community that is thriving, growing, and pumping out great ideas consistently, and one that is not. That is why we wanted to make it as easy as possible for community managers to create stellar, engaging programs.

Introducing the Program Calendar

Enter stage left: the program calendar. It’s one part project management tool, and one part editorial calendar. It replaces spreadsheets and manual GANTT charts, and allows you to do all your program planning right in our platform.

Screenshot of the Chaordix Program Calendar.

Purpose-built to facilitate our methodology for innovation + creativity, and inspired by Design Thinking, the program calendar lets you group your content and activities by objectives or phases. When we build programs, they typically last 60 to 90 days and progressively move community participants through a ‘clarify’ phase to a ‘create’ phase, then ask members to ‘improve’, then ‘implement’ the best idea(s), and finally ‘reflect’ on their community experience.

You can read all about our methodology here.

Screen-share video of the Chaordix Program Calendar.


Of course, if you wanted to set your program calendar up so that the objectives were more tactical, like ‘customer intelligence’, ‘communications’, and ‘product development’, you absolutely can.

Screenshot of the Chaordix Program Calendar objectives.


Once you have set your calendar up with the appropriate objectives, you can sketch in concepts. All you need to know in order to create a concept is what you want to call an activity, Challenge, piece of content or communication, what objective it is meant to achieve, and the dates you want it to run. This makes planning programs very easy. A concept is represented by a striped band.

Screenshot of the Chaordix Program Calendar concepts.

When you are ready to move something from a concept to a draft, you can convert it and add more information and make choices about how you want members to participate.


You can view the program calendar in the timeline view, by group, or as a table. The three views enable you to view your content over time, ensure there is enough variety, and see details at a glance.

Screenshot of the Chaordix Program Calendar views.


In addition to making planning a breeze, the program calendar also makes reporting extremely straight-forward. You can see an at-a-glance performance overview of all the content within the program, or you can dive into each specific item to see stats and responses.

Screenshot of Chaordix' Reporting.

Like the rest of our administrative backend, the Program Calendar is intuitive and designed to make community strategy and co-creation management as easy as possible. We believe that your time should be spent dreaming up valuable and engaging things to do with your community members, not spent organizing those ideas manually and then duplicating your efforts.

If you want to see the program calendar in action, please request a demo. We would love the opportunity to show you around our Participation Platform. 

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