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by Chad Neufeld

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Whether you’re already familiar with Chaordix, or viewing our website for the very first time, we wanted to (re)introduce you to the Chaordix Community Platform and show you why it is used by some of the world’s top brands to connect with their customers.

The Chaordix Community Platform is a cloud-based tool that allows brands to build social communities for their customers, members, fans, or employees. It works a lot like the social networks that people use every day, but it gives your organization all the power.

Here we’ve got a fake food and beverage brand that we’ve named Phood. This community is all about co-creating cutting edge menu offerings. As a community administrator you can use your brands logo, colours and imagery.

As you can see, we got colourful with the Phood community:

A mock-up image of the Phood Community displayed on a MacBook.

Engagement Feed

Now let’s jump into the engagement feed, the heart of every community built on our platform. The feed is made up of three items:

1. Things to do. These are the creative challenges, discussions, surveys, polls and quizzes you serve up to your members.

A mock-up image of a Challenge in the Phood Community displayed on a MacBook.

2. Things other people have done. These are the submissions from other members of the community and they serve as inspiration and prompt conversation or sharing.

A mock-up image of a comment thread in the Phood Community displayed on a MacBook.

3. Communications from the brand. You can share videos, images, blogs, or even live stream events right in the feed.

A mock-up image of a post in the Phood Community displayed on a MacBook.

As members visit your community, they’ll scroll through their feed and see a mix of things to do, things other people have done, and messages from you.

Platform Features

As you would expect from any community platform, there’s a directory of members, gamification, and every member has a detailed profile they can customize. The platform also allows you to create groups based on characteristics or behaviour, and then serve up things to do that are specific to those groups.

In this community, vegetarians get different content than meat-lovers, for example. Behind the scenes, community admins get detailed pre-built reports and dashboards, so you can easily pull insights from the community.

A mock-up image of the reporting dashboard in the Phood Community displayed on a MacBook.

Chaordix is different from other community platforms because our interface and feature set allows your brand to build a fun, engaging community, rather than a forgettable forum - just ask the 1.8 million people in the LEGO Ideas community!

Catch ya Later!

If you found this brief introduction, or reintroduction, valuable or are looking for more information about our technology or the practice of community management, check us out on social and join our mailing list below!

If you’re interested in learning more about our platform features, see Our Community Platform Features.

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