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Community Platform Features

Ten years of crowdsourcing and community platform development have resulted in one of the most robust platforms on the market, supported by the friendliest team of Canadians you will ever meet.

Activity Feed

Engage community members with a stream of activities & content

Why reinvent the wheel? Your community members engage with social feeds every day, but for the first time they can expect their feeds to be filled with nothing but inspiration and interesting things to do.

How the feed works:

  • Scroll through polls, activities, surveys, challenges and more things to do
  • See other members’ ideas, discussions & responses
  • Sort by popularity or chronology
  • Comment, vote, like & share
  • Feature content in the feed
  • Create custom feeds

Rich Profiles

Customizable, ever-expanding profiles for discovery & reporting

Rich profiles allow members to find, follow and connect with other members. Each profile is automatically updated with activity, badges and points. Admins can pull in-depth reports on members.

How profiles work:

  • Add photos, bios & links
  • Earn badges & points
  • See what members have contributed, supported & saved
  • Follow & message
  • Pull comprehensive reports


Run challenges to gather ideas, review submissions, and put them to a vote

Give community members a challenge, like inventing a new product, building something awesome, or producing entertaining content, and then have the community pick their favorite.

How challenges work:

  • Create a brief
  • Select phases, like crowd vote or expert review
  • Share it with everyone or a group
  • Gather submissions
  • Members help fine-tune submissions
  • Gather votes, review ideas
  • Award winners

Smart Groups

Build groups manually or automatically using detailed criteria

Groups are a powerful tool for content targeting, member discovery, and reporting. Set specific criteria and watch smart groups build themselves, then serve each group activities, discussion starters, or challenges.

How groups work:

  • Create groups as ‘manual’ or ‘smart’
  • Define smart group criteria based on profile info or behavior
  • Target activities to a group or groups
  • Choose what group members see
  • Report on group behavior
  • Make groups public so users can search by group membership
Circle of hands joined together

One of the great powers of the internet is to transcend the barriers that divide us, and to do so in ways that other forms of communication and information sharing have not been able to do before.

Terry Sydoryk



A Community of Connections

Activate your email database, connect customers with one another, and bring in new members from your other channels.

Your Database, Engaged

Take advantage of the potential in your database. Email and communications tools allow you to catapult your passive emailers into engaged participants.

Community Connections

Connect stakeholders and fans with one another. Members develop authentic relationships, and in the process strengthen their bond to your brand.

Social Connections

Social sharing tools allow your members to challenge their friends & share their favourite ideas to other social channels. Grow the community via social media.

Solutions built for your brand’s future

Used by some of the largest global brands, our software is ready for any enterprise.


Our software exceeds the security requirements of the largest global enterprises.


Applied across multiple industries from consumer goods to education to transportation. See our customer stories.


Virtual private cloud storage is available for organizations with demanding requirements.


With responsive technology, you can engage members wherever they are.


Capable of supporting communities with a million participants or more.

White Label

Use your logos, colours, videos, images and voice to guarantee the community looks and feels like your brand.

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