Turn Your Audience Into a Problem-Solving Machine

Gather your audience in a branded community.

Easily set up & manage multi-phase challenges.

Put the community to work & gather solutions.

Put Your Community to Work

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Crowdsourcing? We Call It Communitysourcing.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. Better ideas come from people who understand your brand. That’s why we built the world’s most engaging crowdsourcing community platform.

Our white label community platform allows you to quickly launch fun, engaging multi-phase challenges and invite your customer database or social followers to participate.

Fully Managed Crowdsourcing Community

From idea to innovation

You have a problem. Your audience has the solution. We have programs to get you from problem to solution.

Your crowdsourcing consigliere

  • Discovery & strategy
  • Challenge setup
  • Community management
  • Moderation
  • Reporting

Proven Process

Methods for problem solving

Templates and workflows made up of engaging contests, activities, and discussions.

Intentionally designed for innovation

  • Inspired by Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, LEGO Serious Play and more
  • Flexible to accommodate differing goals, timelines, and audiences
  • Including a variety of fun, complementary activities and functionality

Powerful Idea Management

Never miss a winning idea

Source, adjust, rank and select the best ideas yourself, with the help of an expert panel, or with the help of the crowd.

Built around ideas

  • Choose the right challenge phases based on your goals
  • Automate expert reviews and scorecards
  • Empower members to improve their ideas with an Idea Update phase

Robust Communications Tools

Emails, alerts and direct messaging

Bringing someone into a challenge is one thing. Keeping them coming back to engage, refine and support is another.

Stay top of mind

  • Configurable communications based on your preferences
  • In-platform notifications and email alerts
  • Newsletter tools for beautiful updates

In-Depth Reporting

A variety of in-platform insights, exports and custom reports

A live dashboard allows you to gather insights a glance, and a suite of pre-built reports allows you to dig deep.

Numbers for the number people

  • Report on individual challenges, activities, polls, surveys, and more
  • Pull reports based on specific groups
  • Export rich profile data to create personas
New Quote Image Creative Challenge

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Poet, author, civil rights activist

Ready for Any Challenge – Pricing & Details

A fully managed Creative Challenge starts at $25,000 and includes strategy, setup, management, moderation, and reporting. Typical challenges run 60 to 90 days.


Our software exceeds the security requirements of the largest global enterprises.


Applied across multiple industries from customer goods to retail and fashion.


Virtual private cloud storage is available for organizations with demanding requirements.


With responsive technology, you can engage participants wherever they are.


Capable of supporting challenges with a million participants or more.

White Label

Use your logos, colours, videos, images and voice to guarantee the community looks and feels like your brand.

Let’s get started.