Connect With Your Employees

Employee Engagement

Corporate Communications

Product Innovation

Community For Employees

Connect team members with one another and with leadership in an engaging, social gathering space. Become an employee-driven organization with a clear mission. Innovate from all levels of the organization.

Activity Feed

Engage employees with a stream of activities & content

Why reinvent the wheel? A sortable activity feed allows employees to engage in a way that feels familiar to the way they use mainstream social networks.

How the feed works:

  • Scroll through polls, activities, surveys, challenges and more things to do
  • See other members’ ideas, discussions & responses
  • Sort by popularity or chronology
  • Comment, vote, like & share
  • Feature content in the feed
  • Create custom feeds

Robust Communications Tools

Emails, alerts and direct messaging

Communicating across teams, units and geographies is easy in a modern social community.

Modernize corporate communications:

  • Articles & videos
  • Target specific groups or teams
  • In-platform, email or push notifications
  • Newsletter tool for beautiful updates


Run innovation challenges to solve real business problems

No one knows your business like the people who work in it everyday. Launch challenges and create a culture of innovation.

How challenges work:

  • Create a brief
  • Select phases, like crowd vote or expert review
  • Share it with everyone or a group
  • Gather submissions
  • Members help fine-tune submissions
  • Gather votes, review ideas
  • Pick winners

Smart Groups

Build groups manually or automatically using detailed criteria

Groups help you control who sees what. Set specific criteria and watch smart groups build themselves, then serve each group activities, discussion starters, or challenges.

How groups work:

  • Create groups as ‘custom’ or ‘smart’
  • Define smart group criteria based on profile info or behavior
  • Target activities to a group or groups
  • Choose what group members see
  • Report on group behavior
  • Make groups public so users can search by group membership
Circle of hands joined together

“In our experience, it is critical that you ask your employees to voice their ideas. By showing them, not just saying, that you care about what they think, you will have stronger buy-in for the initiatives you eventually prioritize.”

Atta Tarki , Paul Levy and Jeff Weiss


Harvard Business Review

A Community of Connections

Connect employees with one another and with your organization. Turn engagement into a competitive advantage.

Your Workforce, Engaged

Email and communications tools allow you to share important messages and keep everyone focused.

Community Connections

Employees across teams develop authentic relationships, and in the process strengthen their bond to your organization.

Social Capital

Give high performers a platform to make an impact, and then reward their engagement with badges and points.

Solutions built for your brand’s future

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With responsive technology, you can engage members wherever they are.


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White Label

Use your logos, colours, videos, images and voice to guarantee the community looks and feels like your organization.

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