Launch a Branded Customer Community

Our white label Saas Community Platform allows you to launch a customer community to build engagement and loyalty, test messaging, and learn about your customers.

Increase engagement and loyalty.
Gather feedback and run tests.
Build rich profiles and segmented customer groups.

A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.

Seth Godin

Bring Your Fans Together

Social media is an excellent tool to build an audience. But when you want to turn those passive impressions into active participation and valuable insights, you want to own the platform.

Our Community Platform hosts communities for some of the world’s leading brands. These communities allow marketers and customer experience pros to launch challenges, surveys, activities, discussions, and polls, all with near-immediate results from engaged members.

HTC phone

The communities have been exceptional drivers for marketing at HTC, both regionally in North America and globally. While each of HTC’s three communities cater to different audiences, they’ve helped with feedback and promotion of the HTC brand.

Aaron Baker

Sr. Manager,

Global Communities HTC

What Marketers Love About Chaordix:

On demand, deep customer research
Authentic marketing content and campaigns
Improved customer experience and loyalty
 Powerful member insights
Girl painting bright circles on wall

Marketing is a world populated by major blank spaces. The willingness and skill to imagine what is missing is what generates big insights. This is how visionaries lead.

Gerald Zaltman

Harvard Business School

Customer Success Story

American Airlines’ high value customers create a high value customer experience

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American Airlines plane and pilot on tarmac

Be a better marketer with a little help from your friends (customers)