Empower your teams with a direct line to customers

Why Chaordix? Because our all-in-one community platform is the perfect balance between form and function. The best interface for community members, and the most powerful toolset for the brands who choose us.

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A decade of refinement. And it shows.

Serve up engaging things for your members to do in a beautiful environment. The result: An engaged group of customers ready to support your brand’s goals.

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A total no-brainer, for any department.

Hands up if a seamless connection with customers would 
make your job easier. That's what we thought.

Your brand’s “third place.”

Your community is your brand's online coffee shop, your gathering place where you can rub elbows with your customers, launch interesting challenges, ask questions, host events, and nurture advocates.

  • Earn more customer loyalty

    Keep your people coming back with challenges, activities, and personalized content.

  • Get consistent, reliable data

    Use the community platform to learn more about your most engaged audiences, build rich profiles and own the data.

  • Improve with your users

    Evolve your products & offerings by crowdsourcing or testing them with the people that care the most.

A LEGO treehouse playset on a wooden surface

LEGO Co-creates Crowd Favorites on a Global Scale

There are over 1.7 million creators in LEGO Ideas, a Chaordix-powered community, working to create their next best-selling products.

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Hands scrolling on a laptop displaying the Creator's Studio community surrounded by Rust-Oleum products.

Rust-Oleum Gathers DIY-lovers to Test Products, Gather Insights, and Engage Customers

14K+ customers inspire one another with mind-blowing DIY projects & provide Rust-Oleum with near-instant feedback and insights.

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  • 3x
    Improvement in time to market.
  • 89%
    More likely to repurchase because of community.
  • 80%
    Reduced market research costs.

This isn’t your nerdy uncle’s community platform.

Forget about old-school forums or hectic chatrooms and launch a branded social community where you can engage members with activities, challenges, discussions and more.

  • Unified Activity Feed

  • Member Directory & Rich Profiles

  • Engaging Things To Do

  • Powerful Segmentation

  • Discussions & Research Tools

  • Analytics & 25+ Reports

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Future you has a secret weapon: It’s called ‘community.’

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